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Abraham's Seed


Hello Ray

I am in the midst of reading your exposition of this parable, and
there is something I want to ask you about Abraham being dead (jn
8:52) that is puzzling to me.

Jesus, in vs.56 (KJV) said "your father Abraham rejoiced to see my
day: and he saw it, and was glad".

My question is, what 'my day' of Jesus is this referring to, and that
Abraham is rejoicing over if he is dead? Was this 'day of Jesus'
experienced by Abraham before he died? I always thought, due
to "traditional Christian teaching", that Abraham's rejoicing was due
to the incarnation of Jesus's first coming. If you can give any
insight at all into this, I would appreciate it.

blessings in Jesus Christ,


Dear Mitch:

Thank you for your email and interest.

Abraham "saw" Jesus' day in that Abraham had faith and believed God
when God made huge promises to him regarding all the future families
of the entire earth. God told Abraham that through HIS SEED, ALL the
familes of the earth would be blessed. Paul informs us that
this "seed" was in the singular--JESUS CHRIST the One and only
Saviour of the world. Abraham saw it and rejoiced when God performed
a great miralce in his life.

When Abraham and Sarah were well beyond the years of child-bearing,
God gave them the SON through whom the Saviour would come, and when
that impossible birth occurred, Abraham KNEW AND REJOICED that God
was true to His word and that there would come THE SAVIOUR OF THE
WORLD from his seed.

God be with you,



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