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Author Topic: Jesus--God's first creation--HOW/WHO?  (Read 15270 times)

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Re: Jesus--God's first creation--HOW/WHO?
« Reply #40 on: March 16, 2013, 06:30:13 PM »

I have written for and am involved in many Christian web-sites and have learned over the years which "battles to choose".  I have directed countless people to Ray's site and this forum.  I represent the things Ray and all of you have taught me on these sites.  If someone didn't "stick their neck out" and introduce me to Ray (and many of the fine administrators here HADN'T spent hours realigning my Biblical thinking) I would still be  "Hell believing fundamentalist" of the first degree and many still have a few friends and family left!

I am by nature a PONTIFICATOR and had to direct my "facebook preaching" away from the FORUM as it isn't allowed.  My mission in life is to bring as many "Bible curious people" as there are into being "B-T" members.
I fully concur with the teachings and beliefs of Ray and this web-site.  It pleases me to see people use the "B-T" or "B-T'er" abbreviation because several years ago, I was I who coined the term!  My one "claim to fame" in life!

God bless you all and may we all continue in His service!
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