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Author Topic: Unequally Yoked  (Read 4796 times)

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Unequally Yoked
« on: July 30, 2006, 03:10:25 PM »

> Dear Ray,
> I hope you will help me. I was raised to be a Christian and I want to
> be and try to be yet I am full of questions and doubts. I am striving
> to learn the Truth and be the person God wants me to be.
> My delimma and pain is that I am the wife of a seriously scientific,
> athiest husband and a mother to my precious miracle of a daughter.
> Very long story short, I have been worried sick that my daughter will
> find my husbands lack of faith more convincing than my belief in God.
> I was raised (like sooo many other "christians" to believe that if "of
> your own free will" you "choose" to not believe in God and
> hell for all eternity you go.) Naturally since I met my husband I've
> found that "christian fundamental truth" to be unbearable. Thankfully
> I found your site and am trying to let myself accept the Good News that
> eventually, in either this life or after that we will All, no matter
> what our beliefs or lack thereof, WILL end up turning to God and
> in the long run everything will be ok, Right....It's so hard
> to let go of the fears "they" try to instill in you....
> I have to tell you it's so hard to stop the worry and fear in my heart,
> it's such an unbearable burden. I have worried so long about my husband
> but finally realized that other than pray there was nothing I could do
> to change his mind about God or Jesus or Scriptures being real to the
> point where I started doubting my own beliefs and faith...till I felt
> like a fraud and a failure. I still have so many questions....but I
> Want God and Jesus in my life. I WANT to please fact the
> thought of displeasing God scares me to pieces even if we are all going
> to end up in heaven. (That's one of the things I just can't understand
> about all these people who write in and talk sarcastically about how
> they now feel free to go out and be as bad as they want to be if they
> get to go to heaven the thought of standing before GOD and
> explaining all my sins away dissolves me in terror!)
> ANYway, since I had my daughter and she's starting to ask more and more
> questions, I've been so terrified that my explanations about God and
> trying to explain to her why the Bible and the Science that is her dad's
> only truth.....well, I'm scared that I'm not smart enough to explain God
> to her. In short I'm afraid she won't find God and Jesus to be true.
> PLUS, there are SO many non-believers in the world today, sarcastic ones
> at that who belittle everything I believe calling it false and old myths
> and stories...and I have no good provable answers for why Science says
> the earth is This Old and the Bible says something Different...Not to
> mention people laughing at the story of Adam and Eve being the first
> man/woman since science dates MAN with tools and cave drawings to like
> 27,000 years ago...on and on to where scientifically Noah and the ark he
> built is a scientific structural impossibility, not to mention the great
> Flood.....Ray it goes on and on and on....................
> I have no explanation good enough to explain my NON scientific
> beliefs....except that of God wants me to believe so I do..Yeah, that
> goes over big with athiests.
> What can I do to help my daughter believe?
> Nothing right? God will lead her to him without my help?
> My husband? Absolutely Nothing?
> God doesn't need my help?
> When someone belittles God and Jesus and the Scriptures, I feel so
> angry and I wish I had all these Truths that I could spit out at them,
> but instead I talk to God in private and say my prayers in silence, and
> I'm teaching my daughter to do the same to avoid clashes in our
> household.....and I always feel like I"m doing something wrong and
> letting God down.
> Am I good for sticking with God despite the negativity towards him in
> our home, OR am I a spiritual coward who (like so many of my other
> family member church goers say), should I try to shove my faith down
> someone elses throat because Jesus wants us to spread the word!
> Please Help Me if you can find the time.
> Sincerely, God Bless You,
> Michele

Dear Michele:

I get many emails in which people ask me how to live their lives or how to help other to live their lives according to the will of God. This is not an easy question to answer. First of all it is impossible for me, you, or anyone to live according to God's will on our own. It is GOD Who works in us both TO WILL AND TO DO of His good pleasure (Phil. 2:13).  There is the answer.

God brought you to our site and therefore God wants you to read the material on our site. This you probably have not done. Most people write me after read a few hours or a few days and ask me questions that are answered in the hundreds of pages of material that they have not yet read.  I can show you and teach you God's word, but how you incorporate that into your life is not possible for me to do. Here is where you must go to God. Only God can show you the true spiritual side of things. There is no easy fix, there is no simple formula, there is not a secret message that I can give you that will answer all of your questions.

Teach you daughter the truths of God just like you would teach her to sew or how to bake a cake.  If you see the Truths of God, just show them to your daughter. Either God opens her mind to these Truths, or He doesn't. I wish that there was more I could tell you. I am overwhelmed with emails from people who want me to help solve their problems. I haven't solved all my problems.  I just live with them. Some I just ignore altogether. We are APPOINTED by God Almighty to have trials and tribulations and problems. I would just encourage you to read the material on our site. I am doing the best I can to help and encourage, but ultimtely, it is between you and God.

God be with you,

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