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Author Topic: Names  (Read 3714 times)

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« on: July 31, 2006, 11:40:33 AM »

 HI, Ray!
Wonderful site, I have just found it, and have started reading some of the information you present.
I was formerly a Jehovah's Witness, but left that organization after 11 years as I slowly became aware that they were teaching things that are not in the Bible. One of my friends is a Full Gospel pastor, and I sometimes go to his meetings, and I have been studying the Bible with the Living Church of God. Having read your comments on that organization, however, I will cease that and will continue to read your articles.
One question I have, though, is the name of God - Jehovah being the common English interpretation. According to the Witnesses, His name is in the original languages some 7000 times, so why is it not used in a good bible translation? I look forward to your comment, if you have time.

Dear Richard:
Not all English Version us the English "LORD" for the Hebrew YHWH.  "Jehovah" is assuredly not, however, a proper translation of YHWH, which should have but two syllables, and not three.  It is better represented by Yehweh or Yahweh, with the accent on the last not the first syllable--Yahweh'.
The better English translations such as Concordand and Rotherham does use this spelling of God's name. Be it also known, however, that Yahweh is not the name of Jesus' Father, but of Jesus. Jesus came to reveal the Father. The Father was NOT revealed in the Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures, but Jesus, the "I AM" or the '"I AM THAT I AM"/"I WILL BECOME WHAT I WILL BECOME" is none other than Jesus Christ Himself.
God be with you,
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