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Collection of Ray's Teaching in printed format

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Does anyone have a printed collection of Ray's teachings? I would love to have them without having to print the 1000s of pages myself. I will pay for cost of printing & shipping. I really would like to be able to reference for years to come without having to rely on the internet.
Rocky Hyde


You can save the material in your computer by just clicking ''file'' and then ''save as'' while the page you want to save is open.


This is a link to a printing of The Lake Of Fire on sale at Lulu.



Thanks very much Kat for the link to the published book.$14.00 is quite reasonable for over 500 letter size pages
One question before I order.
Do you know the font size?
I have trouble reading small print even with glasses and use the copies saved on my computer because I can enlarge.
So I am wondering about the print size.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
Indiana Bob


Hi Bob, I don't know exactly what size it is, but it is not small. I would say it compares to the size of the actual print on the article on the BT site.



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