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Collection of Ray's Teaching in printed format

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Hey Claudia,
That would make a nice Coffee Table book.
Order five copies and save on the shipping charge.
You're sure to have a conversation starter when the friends visit.
Then you can simply say,
I think you would appreciate it more if you took it home to read at your convenience.
Pretty soon the news would be all over town.
Indiana Bob  ;D

not a bad idea indi bob.  maybe wrap them up and give to family members when they celebrate christmas.  hmmmm?  they can read or toss.  their blessing or their loss.  and all is of God.


I had a copy of this book but I'm happy to report it found its way to a co-worker of mine who questioned me about God and what I believe. It has been the subject of many great discussions between us so far.

It was a wise investment. Time to order more  :)

Someone was asking about the font size. I have bad eyes and can tell you that the font seemed big even to me. I don't think you'll be disappointed with it.

The book and font was made purposely large for those with failing sight.

Dennis Vogel:
Ray would not allow this to be know because he was adamant about anyone not selling anything he wrote. But I don't see a problem with this as long as NOTHING has been changed, including the typo's.


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