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Author Topic: Cuz Jesus  (Read 2028 times)

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Cuz Jesus
« on: October 24, 2013, 10:55:40 AM »

 When I first discovered this site like most of us, I was overwhelmed. I couldn't read or try to learn enough. I have been on this site five years now, and was fortunate enough to have met Ray at the last Mobile conference. Now I realize the more I study the more I don't know. As Craig has said “I find as I become older the best thing to do is present scripture and Ray's teaching and leave it at that”.  So much is being bantered about on this site lately I must admit, I can't keep up with. Whether it's my age or just as a fellow I heard on Ray's audio's say " that's way over my head boss" I don't know.
 When I was a child I recall my dad saying many times to my mom when there were family problems, it's alright, it will all come out in the wash. Back then I didn't know what he meant, he never seemed to get angry at anyone or anything. ( Unfortunately, I take after my mom) I once over heard a man say " If we sit down and throw out all our troubles on the table for all to see, we will take back our own". In reading some of the posts lately I can certainly agree with that statement. So as I embark into my 75Th year I am reminded also of something I heard at a bible study a few years ago. There were folks bantering about and debating some scriptures. Among those expressing their view was a young man named Kipp. At a men's church sponsored retreat I attended he gave his testimony. He  had in his young life experienced one of the most horrific family tragedy's I have ever heard in my life. Never the less Kipp was always friendly, smiling and one of the most up beat people I have ever met. The first time I heard Kipp, and he was asked about one of the subjects of a debate, he got this big smile on his face and said “ cuz Jesus”. At first I thought, really?  Each time he gave the same answer to what I thought to be difficult questions. “ Cuz Jesus.”    I came to realize no one has all the answers to life's problems or questions. No one that is but Kipp. ---- Really
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Re: Cuz Jesus
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2013, 11:36:56 AM »

So much is being bantered about on this site lately I must admit, I can't keep up with.

I understand where you are coming from Bob.  Where there are too many teachers, there is bound to be confusion.  I've come to appreciate the "no teaching" rule that much more lately. :)

Pray for discernment that you will not be seduced by false teaching, but always remember that there is a purpose for everything that happens. 8)




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Re: Cuz Jesus
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2013, 01:26:59 PM »


75 years old! I love it!

I love "cuz Jesus",  I love the phrase "yeah God, boo Devil", and I love the phrase "It's alright, it will all come out in the wash." I sincerely love those phrases!

I love those phrases, I have said them before in my short life and held them dear to my heart. But I have to say that none of those phrases gave me the knowledge of the Truth of the mystery of Jesus Christ within me. They are parts and pieces of truth, but not the sum.

As I  progressed through them, these sayings were stepping stones. But those ideas/phrases however true, left me lacking for the "sum of God's Word" which is His truth.

All those phrases are True but I think God calls us deeper into the sum of His word to be intimate with Him. To know Him.

Just to say "cuz Jesus" is absolutely true, and I'm fond of saying it. But I know what I mean when I say it now,... before I knew Him it was "cuz of the fake Jesus" I once held to. Kipp could be saying "cuz Jesus" and mean the Jesus that will burn most of humanity in a unending fiery torture chamber.

I respect Kipp, I'm sure like you said, that he has gone through some horrendous things (all of God) but if when Kipp says "cuz Jesus" and Kipp is referring to the "fake Jesus" of Orthodox Christianity, I'll not join in with him.

It's like my wife when she says "Yeah, Jesus is the savior of the world." Her and I both know what she means when she says that.  She just spoke a true statement, but she doesn't BELIEVE what she's saying. She still holds to that doctrine that Christ is NOT the savior of the whole world and follows after a different Christ. It breaks my heart.

In so many words, I think this was what Rene was saying. Love you brother Bob! 75 years old, awesome! I encourage you to be diligent and endure to the end... It absolutely will all come out in the wash, but each and every one of us will go through that (one mindset) wash, in our own appointed time.

Love you!
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