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The Lost Woman


Ever heard of the lost woman that rides the dragon?
She's ahead of herself,her horse behind the wagon.
Her speech is all bragging.
Utters the word:"christ is my captain"
She 'accepted' the Lord in her heart but the devil crept in.
Puts the name of God in the mud the more she speaks its dragged in.
Says:"Jesus is the Light",but she's black in.

Her heart is heardened,she'll never ask she'll never learn.
Teaches her children there's a literal hell where people burn,
while she paints pictures of christ with a perm.
Says:"christ will not accept u all till u give a tenth of what u earn."
But the tables will turn.
My Father is a consuming fire and soon she'll burn.

Her home is a building called church.
She puts a wolf inside to speak of christ while she worms her way into your purse.
The signs are all there matthew 23:23rd verse.
She's out in the cold and coughs a curse.

She's blind but claims she sees.
Christs words are not what she sees.
His word are deep as the ocean,the seas.
She thinks following christ is a breeze.
Its adam and Eve.she says:"Adam and steve."
At times I'm lost for words cannot breathe,at the kind of children she breeds.
She is the largest of trees...But her days have been decided she looses her leaves.
And her children will cry and plead-
Remember the heart is wicked,emotion deceives.
Do not be unequally yoked with her and her seeds.
They worship him with their mouth but deny him through deeds.
Revelation 13,U and I are beasts.
Do not lend your ear to her priests.
Despite her foods and her feasts.
Deny her calls from every corner of the streets.
The kenneth copelands of this world all faulse breeds.
A bunch of wolves,Joel Oesteens.-oops!
I've just opened a can of worms I've just spilled the beans.

We don't live the way the world does it.
Throw your hands to the sky and call it 'worship' that's how the world does it.
We don't look at a woman lustfully but the world does it.
She is the world her whole doctrine's puzzled.
It leaves her own children confused and they say:"nah it doesn't,
God loves me the way I am." And I tell them:"nah he doesn't."

By the world she is adhored.
But by God she's abhored.
Queen of the whores even tylor perry calls her lord.
She calls this speaking in tongues of some sort.
:"Raba shaba thab bth" is what her children are taught.
You ask me,that's what I call gibberish of a talk.



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