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Author Topic: Generation  (Read 4880 times)

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« on: August 09, 2006, 09:55:42 PM »

Good Morning Ray,
  Got a quick question. I am doing some end times study and I want to know if you could possibly tell me how long in years is a generation. All throughout the Bible I read 20,40,60,100,120 years. It gets confusing. Do you think Christ was referring to how long our life expectancy is at the present? I believe now days our life expectancy is around 75 years. Please help if you can.
P.S. Hagee was preaching about the rapture again today. I do not understand how he could be so smart on the old testament history  and not hardly know anything about the new testement.
God Bless!

Dear Randy:
There is no "exact" figture for how long a generation is, because it is based on   [1] from the time of a man's birth until the birth of his first son. There may be twenty years or fifty, or he may not ever have a son.  [2] The time in the wilderness is reckoned as a generation of forty years, seeing that they were in the wilderness specifically forty years.  [3]  When men lived longer, as before the flood, a generation was reckoned at a hundred years or more.  [4] many times a generation is reckoned as life entire lifesplan of one group of people as in "generation after generation," etc.  Don't worry about it.  I don't. I wish that all of you would come to our Mobile Conference in Sept.  I am going to speak on just what it is that God wants you to know concerning His Word, His doctrines, His prophesies, etc. The ONE THING that God wants the most is the one thing that I find most people coming to our site are the LEAST INTERESTED IN!!
Seventeen years age, false prophet Jack Van Impe said God showed him the exact number of years in a generation and from that god-inspired (he didn't say which god) he deduced that Jesus Christ would definately returned to earth to rule the world in 1996.  If you all will check your calendars, you will see that that was TEN YEARS AGO!!!  That makes Jack Van Impe a FALSE PROPHET.  Do any of his followers care that he was totally wrong and taught heresy to sell tapes and DVD's?  Of course not.
God be with you,
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