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Author Topic: ??  (Read 3046 times)

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« on: August 09, 2006, 09:59:33 PM »

>We cannot make the mistakeof judging Christ by
>what Christians do.
OK .. I agree and I I'll try not to do that.
You mean it has become corrupt (the way it is today) and it's really
man's version of Christianity? So, Not the true Christianity of Christ?
The rest I understand plainly.
I have one more question. I won't bother you again Ray. One for to become
a Christian, he accepts the Lord Jesus Christ into his heart and tries his best
to live as a good Christian person. Should one be be baptized? If so, want if I disagree
with what the Churches are saying / preaching? How could one get baptized? If
not by (the church) Minister, Pastor, Priest and etc? What about a Christian friend?
Could they do it, if need be?
Thanks again!

Dear Mark:
I wish to God that you would come to our Mobile Bible Conference in Setember.  Everyone it seems is concerned about this prophecy and that prophecy and this doctrine and that doctrine, and should I be baptized? Sprinkled?  Do I need to keep the holy days?  Do I have to avoid pork? Which day is the Sabbath day?  Which church should I join?  Do I pay tithe on the gross or on the net.  I understand that you are totally sincere, Mark, but you are still in the church of Babylon with all of here physical rituals and does and don'ts. Mark...............Listen to me:  You don't need to be baptized in water. You need to be BAPTIZED INTO JESUS CHRIST!  And only God can do that. Not a church, not a religion, not a minister, and certainly not I.
I have written on water baptism many times on my site in many emails. Do a search of the tens of thousands of email on our site and on our Forum and perhaps you will find one on water baptism. I just don't have the time to explain these questions over and over dozens of times, as there are too many emails coming to me daily.
Read ALL of the material on our site at least 2 to 3 or 4 times. Then pray and obey everything that you know is right to do, and God will lead you into truth. You son't learn everthing in a few weeks, and don't worry, God will not take away your life before you have opportunity to surrender to him.
God be with you,
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