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Why No Teaching On This Forum


Dennis Vogel:
Please listen to this: http://bible-truths.com/video/NoTeaching.mp4

And this: https://youtu.be/kicm_Gnj-Mo

And this: https://bible-truths.com/forums/index.php/topic,7075.0.html


Why No Teaching On This Forum (transcript)

You know, because sometimes these discussions get a little out of hand... basically we teach that you are not suppose to 'teach' on the forum. The main reason for that is, many times it turns into heresy... but people can't always distinguish what is or what isn't heresy. Therefore they give their opinions and if somebody reads it on our forum, they say 'well this is what they teach on Ray's forum.' Yea, but Ray doesn't teach that on Ray's forum... somebody else does and we don't always agree. It's like these disclaimers for people on television, 'not everything said here today'... or whatever.


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