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A little spark can mess with whole woods!
In the same way, what I say –  matters

In my unconscious exist a whole unknown world
of much evil, confusion…
more than just a candle, there is tons of fire

God, please help me
Because I can’t control it, it’s too much to bear.
With my conscious I want to do what I believe to be good!
But a world of evil in my unconscious is dragging me against,
Big confusion and tsunamis of emotions control me.

Today is an important day
A day in which what I say could change my life’s course big time
Today is a day of war and what I say will bring me either:
Regrets, or sadness, much patience,
or much contentment for the years to come.

I will try to do what I believe to be right,
And I will try to walk with humility, my dear friend.

Goodbye jealousy and envy,
Today I am going to give everything I have!
And then I will keep on my journey
with much respect for my Creator.

Dennis Vogel:
That is really nice Moises. You have many talents.


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