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I'm Rose White from West Yorkshire, England and this is me going to court  on 8th December for telling Muslims they are walking dead and need to look for Jesus:
CHRISTIANITY TODAY – A 68-year-old woman has been sentenced to 100 hours of community service after writing a three-page letter to an Islamic girls school claiming that Muslims worship Satan.

Great-grandmother Rose White was found guilty of sending an indecent or grossly offensive letter to Manchester Islamic High School for Girls.
In the note, the retired mill worker likened Mohammed to Satan, and said the school would “have a nice future under Jesus and not Satan or Mohammed or whatever they call him.”
After seeing pictures of girls in burkhas on the school website, she added: “I was saddened to see you enforce full Muslim dress and force pupils to accept the role of Satan.”
The headteacher of the school, Mona Mohammed, was said to be “deeply alarmed” by the note.
“She read the letter and was shocked to see the content was Islamophobic. It stated all Muslims were doomed to die and that Muslims worship Satan in the guise of Allah,” prosecutor Subhanur Chowdhury said.
White denied having done anything wrong. “The letter is not offensive – it just told the truth. As a Christian it’s my duty to tell them to start worshipping Jesus,” she said.
Judge Duncan Birrell, however, ruled against her. “You are not allowed to conduct yourself in a way that causes other people harm,” he said. “The court has already determined you have crossed the line between freedom to express your opinions and causing harm to others.”
I repeatedly pointed to the Muslims smirking at the back of the court and told the judge 'They are walking dead and it is my duty as a Christian to tell them to seek Jesus but they lie through their teeth about being alarmed because it is Muslims who put bombs on busses, trains and planes, not Christians and they are making a fool of you!'
I repeated 'they are the walking dead' a good few times just so they all got the message!
Here is origins of AliAkbar: [link removed]
Anyway, to move on:
What I like about Bible-truths is that it sticks to Bible Truths!

I just left a Pentecostal church after I seriously offended everyone at Tues morning Bible Study when I told them that all the dead are still in their graves awaiting Jesus and resurrection!    Their outcry was so vitriolic it was like I had accused them all of the most sordid crimes!    Nothing I could say or quote from scripture made any impression on them as the preachers push the idea of instant heaven at each service!
I was also not very happy with the Sunday morning service having about 45 minutes of happy music but when I asked why not sing a few good Christian hymns I was told 'hymns were too Anglican!' as though evil!  But surely there are many hymns that stay true to scripture and both uplift and reinforce the Gospel?
On the two occasions we did sing a good old hymn the joy and vigour put into it showed it was what the congregation would like more of but no, gotta do the happy 45 minutes repetitious song to Jesus.
Previous to the Pentecostals I had done about a year with Methodists but was saddened to find many said parts of the Bible were myth
and legend and many said they believe they evolved from monkeys!
No wonder there are many old churches converted to houses and businesses in UK these days - Satan rules the country!

Dennis Vogel:
We are very happy to have you here Rose but we leave politics to others. And we do not allow links to other teachings as it many time leads to arguments. We want this forum to be a place to learn and a peaceful refuge.

This forum is for discussing what L. Ray Smith taught on http://bible-truths.com

We believe that God has a plan and that plan includes all the evil in this world. You do not have a duty to tell anyone about Jesus unless they ask.

You're new so we'll give you some leeway.


Hi Rose,

I'm glad you have joined us  :)  You will find our little group is quite different, we have learned many truths of the Scripture that really offend most Christians, as you have seen. But when you have had time to read through some of the articles that are on the Bible-truths.com site you will find that there are many more things that you will need to comprehend. Just take it slow and it takes time for to sink in, it's really a lot for the mind to absorb, even when your eyes have been opened.  We are here for the things that you may struggle with and need a bit of help and encouragement.

Also we have many more Bible studies and conferences on audio, video and transcribed here. So here are the different boards and info we have here at the forum that you may want to check out.

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mercy, peace and love

Hi Rose and welcome to the forum.  That was quite an introduction.  You are definitely no "shrinking violet".  :)

Along with all the good material Kathy shared, there is an excellent paper on the Bible-Truths homepage called "Winning Souls for Jesus"(http://bible-truths.com/souls.htm).  If you get a chance, please take the time to read it.  Hopefully it will be beneficial to you as you continue on this spiritual awakening. :)


--- Quote from: Dennis Vogel on December 16, 2015, 06:42:02 PM ---You do not have a duty to tell anyone about Jesus unless they ask.

--- End quote ---

Well, I'll keep going to the well and leave you Americans to your selfrighteousness.


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