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I hope I can introduce myself here?

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Hi everyone,
My name is Antaiwan, I'm coming to you from Atlanta Georgia!
I stumbled upon this site by searchiing out articles on tithing. What a joy to read Ray's articles, it only comfirmed what I always new in my heart.
So I decided to stick around and see what else was available to read. I have to say my eyes have never been opened as wide as they have ever been!
I get chills everytime I read and understand Gods word now! I thank God he lead me here to people I feel I can fellowship with.
I thought for a long time I would be alone in the way I felt about the truth and now I now I can come to people who understand
what I'm going through. Thank you all so much and thank you for welcoming me.
I hope I find many friends here!
In the Love of Christ Jesus - Antaiwan

Welcome Antaiwan,

   I too get chills when something is revealed to me.  I'm sure most here do  ;D .  It is the most amazing feeling. 

--- Quote from: Akira329 on August 14, 2006, 11:44:38 PM --- What a joy to read Ray's articles, it only comfirmed what I always new in my heart.

--- End quote ---

Funny how so many of us have had the same experience.
Anyway, I'm glad to here from you and look forward to future posts.

P.S.  How long have you been studying Ray's site?

with love

Hi Antaiwan,

It's nice that people have somewhere to rejoice in the truth with like-minded people without ridicule or verbal persecution. Good to see you here.


Hi Antaiwan,

Welcome to this forum! I too would feel completely alone in this wonderful truth that goes against every church teaching in my area,, maybe even this whold state of Michigan. Thank our Father for guiding us to this forum for great fellowship with like minded believers.



Hi Antaiwan

I'm kinda new here too and I know exactly what you mean about feeling alone.  It's good for the soul to have brothers and sisters to fellowship with that understand things and I have found these brothers and sisters to be walking in the faith in peace, love and joy!.  Welcome to the forum!



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