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I hope I can introduce myself here?

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Welcome!  Gary is right, its like a Potato Chip. You can't get enough. God is so gracious in "dragging" you to our little forum.

Welcome Antaiwan, to the truthseekers' place! I found this site researching the Religious Right and their funding and political backers. You talk about "goosebumps"! I read the whole Lake of Fire series (that was up at that point), hours at a time, in three days. Now when I read the Bible through the renewed spiritual discernment God has granted me, I feel so happy in my heart!--snorky

Hi Antaiwan! 
I'm a "newbie" too but it's funny, I haven't felt like one here.
There is a spirit here, you know that "One" spirit which I guess we call like-mindedness. I always thought that meant someone agreed with me  ;) 
I've found however, that what it means is that our spirit is in agreement with that of Christ's, Who like-wise is in complete agreement with the Father, which equals One mind, One spirit - His.  We perhaps differ in personalities (body parts), yet the Head (Jesus Christ) speaks to each "part" and the body comes together, in perfect agreement and obedience, resulting in perfection, a working body, equipped to serve.  God bless you and welcome to a place of peace.  Laura

I do not know how I missed you but I did. Here is my belated welcome.

There us so much to read and learn at BT website and on this forum.

It is so good to have you post and we look forward to hearing any comments.


Hope to see you around Atlanta soon!
and thanks again to everyone.


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