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The heart of the matters



    Before we won the ability to see more the ‘wider spectrum’ or as others would say,                                               

‘the heart of the matters’

Those rules, laws, obligations, mindless repetitions of traditional square movements used to be

somewhat necessary

Then, somewhere on the road we started getting transitioned into enlightenment;

With a transcendental idea that replace rules for; hard core intuition…

Now we can play LIVE from the heart,

Now we can choose fast without a doubt,

Now our words are melodies or like two edges swords!

Yes! I am a rule breaker and

now I refuse mindless repetitions of square movements, and

now I refuse to follow the crowds walking through a temporal and sad meaningless existence

And so I pray for bravery and strength

to be able to dismantle all rules and laws

So to be able to follow the heart of the matters,

the essence of the matters, the spirit of the matters…

 So to be able to LIVE and PLAY always

by the spiritual Law of Love


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