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Nelson Boils:
Mzantsi in the house.Welcome Brenda.

Praise the Lord Brenda, I'm glad He guided you here. I hope you enjoy the Forum as much as I do.  :D

Hi Brenda, welcome to the forum. May God bless you in  your journey.

Many thanks to all the welcome's I received.  I truly am blessed to be part of THE BODY OF CHRIST.  I have been going through many trials and tribulations all my life. Now I do not know the background of most of you on this forum but I feel like I have travelled the same road as Paul. My life has been mostly trials and tribulations (still is).  I always wondered why a loving GOD would cause so much harm to one person, how much more can one bear? Over 10 years ago GOD lead me to this Website, and gave me spiritual eyes and ears and it all came together, everything! I had to experience all of this to become what GOD wants me to be. For the first time in my life, I realized that I was special, special to GOD.  What a revelation!!!

Hi Brenda, I became a new member today also. I am so glad to finally speak with like minded people. I have been reading Rays works for over a year and I miss him to. He was such a good teacher and I feel like I am part of a family. It feels so good to know the real truth. Thanks be to our Heavenly Father.  I am from Canada.


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