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Hello wonderful people!

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It's truly a blessing to be here. :)

From my earliest memories God was a scary dude and the source of many childhood nightmares.

My grandfather was a southern baptist minister and believed a healthy dose of hellfire and brimstone in every sermon was key to salvation.

In my early 20's I answered the door to Jehovah's Witnesses  and was ripe for the message they shared...No hell?!... I was in!  No matter I could not feel God or his love, he was after all going to kill billions of people even if he wasn't going to burn them for an eternity. I was just trading one insane god for another.

Early 2015 God led me to information that rocked my world and I walked away. I believed for a time there was no truth  to be found, so licked my wounds and continued on with my life.

Months later I started to wonder if there could be a truth, because I found it impossible to accept  there wasn't a creator in all of the magnificance around me. One day I talked to God while I sat at my computer, and told him how much I needed to know if there was any truth to be found and begged him to lead me to it if there was.
Within minutes I was moved to type specific keywords... Bible truths. In one click I was on bibletruths.com. Now that is the power of God!

After a year of reading all of Rays teachings, I can for the first time in my life  feel God's love.

This past year has been filled with almost unbearable tribulation but, I've been able to hang in there because I know God is doing this for my own good and I view it as a blessing. God really is love.

Hello Wanda,

Very happy to have you with us! Welcome to the forums. We have some extra study material here that is not available on the main website.

Here is a link for that material on the forums: http://forums.bible-truths.com/index.php/board,8.0.html

Here is a section for Frequently Asked Questions and some of ray's responces in emails and other writtings: http://forums.bible-truths.com/index.php/board,23.0.html

Also don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions or would like to contribute to discussions.

God bless,

Welcome Wanda. Thank God for leading you here. My we all take the journey together.

   Your sister in Christ,

Dennis Vogel:
Welcome Wanda - Many here share a similar story

Hi Wanda and welcome to the forum.  Thank you for sharing some of your spiritual journey with us.  As Dennis said, it sounds very familiar. :)



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