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Hello wonderful people!

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Thanks so much for all the warm welcoms! I feel like I know  most of you already, from reading many of your posts and comments. They have been very spiritually uplifting to me.

I thank God every day for opening my eyes and freeing me from the darkness I was in. It was about two weeks after finding bibletruths.com that I learned of Rays passing. One minute I was crying for joy, and the next from devastation.
I cried out to God as if he had taken all my hopes and dreams away.

Within minutes I remembered we weren't to put our faith in man, but to rely on our heavenly Father for all our needs. I could see clearly there was enough spiritual food on the site and this forum to sustain me for a lifetime. I'm sorry I never got to meet Ray at one of the conference's but I am comforted by the teachings he has left us with, besides I have the hope of meeting him and thanking him in person.

Greetings Wanda,
Enjoyed your introduction letter. Great to have you with us.
Interesting description of your Grandfather and his healthy dose of hell fire.
Sorry that you could not have met Ray Smith at a conference.
One thing for sure about Ray is that he never frightened anyone with his sermons, talks, teaching.
Ray could put a person at ease in a minute and keep you in that frame of mind the whole evening.
We will miss him, but we can emulate his attitude and approach to teaching. All was given in love
and in a desire to share peace of mind, in truth about our Father and loving Elder Brother, the lord Jesus.

Kindly offered, Indiana bob

Dave in Tenn:
Sorry so late, Wanda.  It's very good to have you here.

Hi Wanda
 Welcome, I'm new too. I love it here, I feel at home and know you will too because of this awesome group of people. I now have three beautiful Wanda's in my life. God is good.💐

Rhys 🕊:
I have no Wanda in my life but often wonder if I did have a Wanda would that make me wonder or Wanda?

Perhaps I should go for a wander to think about that.  :P

Rhys  ;D


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