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Dave in Tenn:
In order for your membership to be recognized by the forum software, you have to log-in with your username and password at least once.  You must do this, even if you have no intention to post, reply, or PM other members.  From time to time, we'll be clearing out the list of those who haven't done so.  Any member affected by that will have to re-register.  Please take the time to do this. 

If you have lost your password, email bibletruths.forum@gmail.com and in all likelihood, it can be reset.


what if i always stay logged in all the time? does that make a difference or should i log out and then log in again?


Dave in Tenn:
No, Claudia.  Keep doing as you are doing.  This only pertains to new members and those who have re-joined after an absence for whatever cause.  Reminders are part of every communication with all those categories in the thread title, but some still don't do it and I can't track everybody down individually. 

Hi, I am a new member. I live in Nova Scotia, 🇨🇦. I am trying to figure out how to post my comments so I can participate in conversation, help please.

Dave in Tenn:
Above the messages in each section of the forum, there is a tab for New Topic.  Click it, and a "box" will open in which you can start a new topic.  You've already figured out how to "reply" to a topic.   :D 


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