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O Gracious Lord when shall it be, that earth will find herself in Thee
The fullness of Thy promise prove, seal me with Thy eternal love
The only Thee I'm fain to find,I cast the world and sin behind
O my redeemer hear this plea
And let me find myself in Thee

Show me the way my Love my Lord
Draw me to Grace so strong and sure
I run to your mercy, where I am free
Let me find myself in Thee

Lord I am blind, be Thou my sight
Lord I am weak be Thou my might
A helper of the helpless be
And let me find myself in Thee

Please mend my soul, my frame my life
A contrite heart Thou won't despise
Take now this pain and misery
And let me find myself in Thee

Song by my favourite group,     Young Oceans. (Ellie Holcomb)
Also.  We sing as one , Come Holy One and many more
Beautiful haunting voices, wonderful instrumentals and the perfect words that I think were prepared especially for peculiar people.


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