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I'm not unfamiliar with the teaching of the reconciliation of all; I first came across it (iirc) in the early nineties, when I purchased A.E. Knoch's book All in All.  I considered giving my whole history as to my experience with Christianity, but it would be too much to type and too much to read.  Let's just say I have been haunted by the teaching of eternal torment since I was a child.  I wanted to believe in a good God so badly, but the Christianity I was exposed to was the usual e.t. teaching.  It had a devastating effect on my life. 

I've read lots of good books on UR and many more websites.  I'm still not convinced, but now the issue is between UR and annihilationism.  Certainly better than what I wrestled with for many years.  I'm again reading Knoch's book.  I'm intrigued by non-trinitarianism as well. 

Right now my life is in a bad place health wise and employment wise.  I've reached a place where I wrestle with the age old questions of suffering and if God is really good (or even there). 

That's muh story!

Rhys 🕊:
Welcome to you

There is much great teaching here that has helped me greatly and hope it has the same effect on you.

Prayers for you for what you are going through at the moment.


Dave in Tenn:
He came to save those that are lost.  That's what He'll do.

Welcome to you.

Have you read the material on the homepage by Ray? All your questions are morlst likely andwered regarding salvation.

If you have questions  be sure to ask them in the general discussion. Just know we probably wobt rewrite what ray has already written in regards to this subject so be sure to read his material. Im guessing if youre wrestling with annhialation and eternal torture that you probably believe in free will too. Quite a ways to go. In the end though, you will come to know God as He is, so will all humanity. As dave said, He comes to save those who are lost, peroshed, and destroyed, and that He will do. The Great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ is not a failure.

God bless,

Hi and welcome to the forum. :)

I also would encourage you to take the time to read the entire "Lake of Fire" series on our homepage.  If God is opening your understanding, there are many amazing truths, such as the salvation of all, that you will come to see.



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