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Hi all. I'm Steve Lindsey from the great state of Louisiana, USA. Have been reading here for quite some time and decided to sign up to say THANKS. I'm on my several time'th through the Lake of Fire series... most excellent. I appreciate you folks who maintain this site and those who participate and support it.

Been here in the valley of the shadow of death for 61 years now. I was raised Baptist, rejected religion in my teens, early 20s was visited by the Spirit and dragged to God, filled with the Spirit, and plunged, through little volition of my own, into the Scriptures. Got into 'spirit-filled' church scene (AOG, charismatic), led 'worship', even experienced some astounding, true spiritual gifts. But... then He Spoke to me one day, out loud? or if not, may as well have been, it was like a spiritual bomb, and changed my life, sometime I think for the worse. : ) No not really. He simply stated that He was going to 'pull up the skirts of the Whore and show me her nakedness'. I am still in the process of seeing this. But the search led me to many peculiar places, one of them here since one of the blasphemies she rides on is HELL. (Don't worry, I have no intention of trying to 'teach' what I've been told here.)

Since then, I've been a complete outcast from 'church', most of my friends, and even, in many ways, from my own family. I've fallen into the mire many times but have gotten back up with His help. Many times didn't think I could make it. It took me a long time to learn to SHUT MY MOUTH about spiritual things... wanted to tell everybody their error and correct them. Funny, sort of. In fact, I just left another universal salvation (voluntarily) site because they could not tolerate, without venom, any real discussion of 'free will'. No going to participate in division and confusion any more.

One of my Indicators of how close any particular teaching is to Truth is the degree of hatred shown by 'church' folks to the views. The teachings of the ultimate reconciliation of all, the non-existence of a torture chamber called 'hell', and the delusion of 'free will', are completely despised, abhorred, and detested by religious folk and are immediate cause for your expulsion without pity from their sphere of social influence. My family will not allow me to mention spiritual topics in their presence any more. One of my brothers recently called me 'deceived' and then tossed his Bible into the yard for insisting that Colossians 1:20 was actually Truth. If they can't have the 'unsaved' damned, they'd just as soon be damned too, I suppose. I've gotten so used to this phenomenon that I think it strange when it doesn't occur now. But it never ceases to amaze me.

Anyway, this is just a bit about me by way of introduction. I'm glad to be a part of the family of God, even if just the guy who takes out the ashes of the sacrifices and dumps them. <<< spiritually speaking of course. Thanks for letting me join up. I promise not to be a pain.

But please don't kill me if I mention free will.   ;D

And thank you Lord for the life of Ray Smith. He has blessed me.

Rhys 🕊:
Welcome Steven

Thanks for your story, is encouraging

Glad your free will brought you here 😋


Dave in Tenn:
It's good to have you, Steven.  I could sense some of that Louisiana coming out of you.  :)

Dennis Vogel:
Welcome Steven.

--- Quote ---I just left another universal salvation (voluntarily) site because they could not tolerate, without venom, any real discussion of 'free will'. No going to participate in division and confusion any more.
--- End quote ---

Things are a little calmer here.

"Getting Saved - Hardest Thing You Will Ever Do!" https://youtu.be/nyw60TBhQJo

Hi Steve and welcome to the forum.

It sounds like you have had quite an experience in being "persecuted" because of your knowledge of the truth.  I say, consider it a blessing and learn from it, and move on. :)



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