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Welcome Steven,

And then, when you're feeling pretty darn important with yourself that God chose to show YOU something, he plunges you into some horrible circumstance and you become the worst of all people. And then, you realize you still don't know a thing. It's a great paradox, to KNOW some of the marvelous things about the Kingdom of Priests, but really know nothing that wasn't given to you. And you only know that as you keep drawing from that Vine.

One thing I've figured out for sure is when I get to feeling strong and get to feeling like I am  somebody special is when God shows me how weak I am, its a tough Journey.

Nice to meet ya


Hi Terry! Yeah, and it's probably gonna get even tougher before we're done. But He'll complete what He started in us, don't ya think?  :) That Clay gets slopped around pretty good before it gets made into a vessel of honor. This vessel (me) has quite a way to go yet I think. I've read some of your posts and think you've probably come further than you think in yourself. You have a gentle, humble, sweet spirit. God bless you brother.

Beautiful pup in your picture! He looks happy. I love mutts.

Welcome aboard StevenL!

Fantastic testimony you shared, love it.

A Registered Lurker,

Peace out

Thanks Stacey! Peace out to you too.   8)


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