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Welcome here ozfan. I envy you. My mother seemed to be on the verge of seeing the deception in the church but alas, she didn't and has regularly nagged me every now and then about my decision to stop attending church. Ironically, she and my dad don't attend church.

Welcome Deji

Hi Ozfan,

Regarding your son, are you able to discuss bible truths with him and learn from one another?

My son who is 50 will listen and comment in a friendly manner, but has no further interest as far as I can tell at this time.

Indiana Bob

--- Quote from: ozfan on February 06, 2017, 06:22:25 PM ---Thank you, everyone, for your warm welcome! I have been on a journey for some time (as we all have), becoming increasingly disturbed by much of what I see in "organized religion," and feeling more and more like I don't belong. Wondering why the church I see does not remotely resemble the Early Church in the Book of Acts, for example. Wondering why tradition seems to be honored and revered more than the truth of God's Word. Why so much of what is done and believed is NOT biblical.

So here I am. My son actually told me about this site, and I have been reading it for the past couple of months. There is a LOT to digest!  :D

I appreciate your camaraderie, dear fellow travelers.

--- End quote ---

Hello Indiana Bob,

Yes, my son is the one who encouraged me to begin reading on the web site. He had talked to me several times about what he has learned -- with some trepidation, no doubt, because I think he thought I would consider him a heretic!

Now he is happy that we can discuss these truths TOGETHER, and learn from one another.

If your son is steeped in church tradition, he may think YOU are a heretic, and just politely listens. I encourage you to pray for God to give him "the spirit of wisdom and revelation to know Him better" (Ephesians 1:17).

Thank you, Indiana Bob, for responding to my post.  :)

Hi again ozfan,
Actually my son is not into "re-ligion" defined as "bound to a set of rules". He is aware of the fake part of most or all religions.
He would be best described as secular and does not participate with any group.
Our family used to attend with Worldwide Church, observing the seventh day Sabbath and tithing etc.
He does believe in God and Christ as God's son, but is busy with his own life and has not yet been inspired to take an interest.
In other denominations he would be considered "lost and without hope" but that's o.k. because we know differently. (smile)
So I am not worried about him or the other three siblings. All in God's own time...

Thanks for your reply, Indiana bob


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