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 Hello Forum Members !

Good Day to All ! My name is Bradley and historically speaking, I was known as " Samson " from early 2008 until the fall of 2013 when I left membership at the Bible-Truths Forum ! During the last five years, I've kept some contact with Dave from Tennessee (Dave Sanderson), Lauriellen ( Laurie Gaylor-Callicoat); Cypress ( Elaine & Justin Johnson) to name a few and some others !

Much has transpired in my life since my departure from Bible-Truths, but that's not a problem for me, fully knowing that the Lord is total 100% Sovereign declaring the beginning and the ending of every matter, giving all of Us what we need & deserve for our development being created (creating-a process) in His image. Perhaps, Lord willing, I shall share a testimony of some personal events that took place during those years away from the Forum at the " Who Am I " section !

Also, I would like to extend a " Hello " to some older members that I knew from my past association at Bible-Truths ! Hello to: Extol. Kat, Dennis, Craig, Rene, Eggi, John from Kentucky, Akira, Pylady(Cindy), Indiana Bob, Fester, Largelli & Alex and probably some others not specifically named by me !

For those members that joined after my departure, I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you, Lord willing and sharing in some of the discussions posted on this Forum ! At this recent day/date in time, I particular enjoy/like the discussion entitled Ambition/Contentment started by Largelli !

Regards, Samson (Bradley)

Welcome back Bradley

John from Kentucky:
Welcome back Samson.  Your posts were thoughtful and helpful.

Rhys 🕊:
Welcome back Samson. I remember you on here when I joined.


Welcome back.


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