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Desired & Decided to Re-enter, A Cause/Efffect Reality For Sure !

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Dave in Tenn:
Welcome back, Bradley.

I too remember Samson, glad you’re back. God bless you.

Thanks for the welcome from those who remembered me & those that didn't !

Perhaps some would like to forget me, however ALL is of God, both good & evil, wink !

Good to see a familiar name bradley/samson. i haven't posted in the bt forum for a long time. still studying and reading the scriptures daily. i have actually been on facebook way too much lately. using the f-word alot. some pent up anger issues from the past 3 years i think.

but, as you say bradley, God is 100% Sovereign and all is of God.

welcome back.

Hi All, Just the other day I was wondering what happened to CJWood and noticed your response.  Good to hear from you as well as Samson. I remember liking the inputs you both had.  But as we know, God's will is being done in our lives.  Love hearing from you guys:-)


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