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A Free Form Poem about my childhood and Christmas


I don't celebrate Christmas, but this time of year takes me back to some of my earliest childhood memories. Here is a free form poem I wrote several years ago concerning that time in my life.

As a coy young child,                                           
I met Cora                                                           
Who played the zither
And sang sacred songs.

She spoke of miracles                                                                 
And told a tale
Of angels
Who healed her
At the brink of death.

I don’t remember
Her face;
I only remember
Her hands
Her voice.

Cora was quite old.
She said she knew God.

My mom was a Lutheran,
And dad ___
‘Sorta’ Catholic.
My grand mom,
She fed me spaghetti.

The pasta was great,
But those pictures
And statues
Of a woman in blue
With a halo
And a heart
Poking out of her chest
Kind of

My grand mom said,
“This is our lady___
The mother of God.”
She never indicated
As to how they were acquainted.
I didn’t ask.

My mom,
She took us to Sunday school;
I learned of the small and the mighty.
I found out

No need to worry;
When I was a babe
They gave me a bath.

I was told
The water
The fire;
You get

I thought I knew about God.

One Christmas
At church,
In a live nativity scene,
My mom played Mary.

She had no halo;
She had no heart
Poking out of her chest;
She did have a glow
Onto her face
As she stared adoringly
Into the manger.

After the play
I ran up to see
The baby. ___
      Jesus was a light bulb!

I didn’t get to meet God that day.


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