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My friends are fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, I am a newbie for the second time! I joined in 2008 and by the grace of God have never really left, just stopped posting on the sight.
You've all kept me company over the years and I have had a lot of fun, laughter and tears with all if you in the spirit.
I look forward to be active again on the forum!
Live and love in Christ who is our Saviour.

Keep on keeping on sister.  I don't post all that often myself but God has us all in his body as he see's fit.  We're all just where we are supposed to be at this point in time and it's all good.  He is sovereign and we are not and that comforts me greatly as time goes on.

Welcome back!!

Nice to meet you Heidi, and welcome  back☺

Dave in Tenn:
Good to see you again, Heidi.

Happy to meet you Heidi, welcome back .🌸🌸🌸


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