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In person Bible study?


Hey, friends,

Just wondering if the Bible-truths folks do a Bible study in person that's open to visitors?


Dave in Tenn:
Hi.  There have been, and may still be (other than perhaps married couples), small groups who might meet.  But us bible-truth folks are all over the world, and often if not usually isolated except for the internet.

It's possible but not very likely, that there are others nearby you already "meeting" or who might want to.  Where in the world are you?

It's a common question, and that's the common answer.  😀. Whatever the answer, this is the "state" you will have found yourself in, so don't resist it.

Hey, sorry it's taken so long to respond. I had some account issues and ended up having to create a new one. Anyways, I live in Atlanta, Georgia. Alabama is right next door so i was hoping a weekend trip might be a possibility.


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