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A possible BT gathering.

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Pamela,,,,,,,,,,Kentville , Nova Scotia, Canada

Dave in Tenn:
This little map may do more than help plan a larger meeting.  Already there are two sets of two members in relatively close proximity (by American standards) who might find this info helpful.     

I stay in North Carolina 50 miles from Fort Bragg

I suggest media such as talkshoe or skype or such for weekly meetings as an open forum.  Then such plans as gathering in a physical location should God wants this.  I dont' think everyone is financially in such a financial position.  If a people come together and they are all of one spirit, the one and only Holy spiritual force, than who can be against them? I fear no bow down to any man nor can i be taken out of my Fathers hands.  In God's world there are no leaders nor followers, we are one and if one in spirit and true Sons of the Most High than there can only exist the most strongest weapon against any foe.....Love! So there no fear.

is the same spirit what worked in Ray in you?

347 6457537

Me, Sandie McFauld and my hubby David. Living in the Highlands of Scotland.


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