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Rhys 🕊:
Seems a good thing to me to meet if you can. I meet with other groups and there is a point to them so how much more point to meet with those that believe these truths. If not to learn then just to be encouraged.

I always desire to know more of
Godís truth but the more you do the more the cost and the more darkness you see around me. Gives me a headache 🤕

If you can , then meet but could be difficult for me being in New Zealand 🇳🇿

We have the forum which is good to meet so why not in person if possible.


Dave in Tenn:
I'll lay out my "version" of what I had in mind.  There's nothing original about it, as it is a mix of what has already been done with what Ray hoped might be done one day.

What:  A single meeting in a single geographic area/city with time devoted to general fellowship, listening/watching other conference materials (edited for flow), and perhaps a time of more focused fellowship/testimony.

Who:  Forum members and readers, and locally invited guests (drawn from advertising) who would ideally be the same kinds of people drawn to the website.

When and where:  Probably a one to one-and-a-half day event at a time/place to be determined.

How:  Put together by responding to input from likely attendees and others interested.

Why:  Primarily a time of fellowship, but with a purpose beyond that in opening things up to locals wherever the meeting occurs.

NONE OF THESE is written in stone.  It might well be easier in the long-run to plan several smaller meetings based on geography--either at the same time or at different dates.  I've found a way to map our members to put all interested into a group map that could be used for planning. 

It might be better to forgo the local outside invitations and advertising in order to focus more on fellowship.  That's not my 'druthers', but it might be better.

We are aware that drawing a crowd of similar size to the former conferences strictly from the forum and its readers is not at all likely to happen.  In some ways, however, this makes "planning" easier.  Of course, in other ways it makes it more difficult. 

Anyway, this is just a loose advance proposal with a few nails to either remove or hang some plans on.  What the Lord wills is what will happen, but a meeting (or meetings) will not just fall from the sky in a neat package.  If "we" want this, we need to plan on having it, as well as what happens if it does.

The only other thing I can think of at the moment is that forum rules apply to discussion.  Just as "outside teaching" is not allowed or promoted on the forum, bible-truths.com won't endorse any "meeting" that is "taught" by somebody other than Ray.


Dave in Tenn:
For my part, I can commit to not letting anything other than distance be the sole hindrance to attending anything.  I can drive in a day about 500 miles, but that puts everything from Chicago, to Western North Carolina, to most of the deep south, to Dallas, Houston, most of Oklahoma and the lower mid-west within reach.  Further than that, and I'd have to look into flying and airfare, but there are low-priced tickets to a lot of destinations available from either Memphis or Nashville.  I'm near Jackson, Tennessee.

But if that's not doable, then it simply isn't and I'll do my part "here" to help out. 

Dave in Tenn:
OK.  I set up a website where people can pin their locations.  Message me and I'll give you the link and username/password, or just tell me your location (public or by PM) and I'll enter it for you.  I don't need a street address, just a close-approximation to what you'd consider home in the world.  It's a world map, free to use up to 30 "pins" (and cheap thereafter if we go higher than that). 

Forget travel plans, meeting days, format, and other considerations.  All I want to know is if you are interested in meeting period.  This little tool is just to get some sense of interest by geography.

Sure Anthony Northern New Jersey


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