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Hi, my name is Rob and I have never joined a forum before. However, bible-truths has had such a positive effect on me so I felt compelled to meet with like-minded individuals. I have been serching fot the truth for a very long time (40+) years. I became a Christian about 10 years ago after seriously diving into the world, then the eastern religions and then anything else the T.V. offered as a solution to the angst of life. I was sure I would never be disillusioned again after finding Jesus, and thats what the people in the Charismatic church I ended up in kept telling me. That's not how it happened though as you can tell by the fact that I'm here. 5 yewars ago I was studying to be a pastor in my church and preaching once a month and doing retreat speaking. I was told I was gifted but I now know that simply means I was good at parroting the doctrines and not going outside the bounds. But the more I studied the more things just didn't add up. I knew the bible was God's truth so why so many contradictions in church doctrine? One or the other had to go. L. Ray has a paragrtaph in either 10or 11 of the Lake of Fire series where he talks about standing on the sand of the sea after the doctrinal castle has fallen and seeing that the "beast was me". It is precisely how I would describe my departure from the organized church. I had become a Pharisee worshipping the church instead of God and preaching the traditions of men rather than scripture.
It has been a difficult couple years since leaving because my wife still attends and my social life is still tied in to a certaain degree though I have to stay away as much as possible to avoid continually trying to explain my sudden departure. These explanation discusions always seem to get emtionally heated and I find it very tiring.
Anyhow, a year ago I started studying "unorthodox" teachings over the internet and this site popped up. I printed off the entire Lake of Fire series and several other articles like a kid in a candy store. Over the last year I have studied every possible angle on hell, tithing, revelations, heaven, resurrection etc. And here I am. I have never found such deep and meaningful scriptural truth as here and plan to pursue study here as God leads me. I look forward to getting to know Christians unthreatened by my views of scripture and God. Let me say the support is greatly appreciated
Thanks, God bless and talk to you soon

Welcome RobRoyal .

We are all really happy you are here. Enjoyed your introduction.

(Rom 11:33 KJVR)
O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!

Look forward to your posts. The topic are varied and plentiful


Welcome to our family forum, Rob!
It took me 6 months to decide to leave my church, it was the hardest decision of my life so far (even though I was only involved in the church for under 1 yr.) 
I am sure you will find the love, fellowship and truth here that you can't find in a church.
Looking forward to learning with you.

Hi Rob

Welcome to the forum.  I look forward to fellowshipping with you and reading your thoughts!



  Welcome Rob,

    Glad you are here.  I look forward to hearing from you in the future. 

God be with you


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