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Prune Soleiado:
 I studied french poetry, learned Spanish, Italian and German languages, even Greek and Latin but still I prefer the sound and logic of English language!

Since I was a little girl I loved to read the translated titles of prime time movies in the tv guide we received at home, it was magical to me. Of course at this time I didnít know the phonetics or meaning but the words fascinated me. I even wrote songs in English even if the grammar was really bad then, I was only 8-10 years old and had never been teached English lessons!
I studied History at University because my family wanted to. But I always wanted to study English more profoundly.

I learned something funny few years ago: Madagascar was a French colony. But before that, it was explored by English people and the Malagasyan alphabet was created by those, as Malagasyan language was mostly oral. Thatís why when you see Malagasyan words youíll find so many Ys and Ks and Ws which are rather absent in French language, it has always astonished me when I saw letters sent by relatives who lived there: it looks like English words but obviously doesnít sound like it!

Iím keen on the American accent! Softer than the English one that seems to me more Germanish!
American accent sings to my ears! Like a Dolly Partonís song 😁 (I like Dolly Partonís songs..)

My 11 year old daughter is also a big English languageís fan! And she possesses a great gift: even though she doesnít know the meaning of words she can spell them right when asked.
I talk to her in English often, and Italian and Spanish and German!! So that sheís used to hear foreign sounds, she can even identify which language it is. And she has the chance to have English lessons at school since sheís 6! She adopted the American accent 😉

I never have the chance to actually talk in English for I know nobody around me that practice it.
So I still have some difficulties to speak English, but I understand well when I hear it and I can write in English with no problem.
Maybe one day Iíll be given by God the opportunity to go to the United States and enjoy fully a simple talk with people there 😅

Thankyou Prune
Thank you for sharing. When I first saw your name on BT I thought you might be
Filipino because I had a good friend in Yellowknife  whoís name was Prudencio,
we called him Pru. Is your last name Soleiado, Spanish?  I would love to know a few
languages. Have a Blessed day Prune.               In Christ Pamela

Prune Soleiado:
Thanks Pamela.
Prune Soleiado is a nickname I use for a very long time, way before I became a disciple of Christ!
I didnít even realise the English meaning of the word ę prune Ľ; in french it means ę plum Ľ, for I thought at the time it fitted pretty well with my hair colour! How surprised I was when an English brother taught me the meaning of the verb ę to prune Ľ!
John 15:2 ę He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he PRUNES so that it will be even more fruitful. Ľ
Soleiado is not my last name, I inherited my earthly fatherís Malagasyan name.
Soleiado is a name I invented. It reminded me, for whatever reasons, of the words sun (sol) and solitude, a feeling I always somewhat felt.
I think it suits pretty well with my actual situation! 😉 God has a great sense of humor 🤔
Praise be to God.
Grace of God be upon you, sister.

Thanks Prune
Thatís very interesting and yes God has a sense of humour and I love when he puts images
in my mind that makes me laugh even when I feel a little down. He knows exactly what we need
and is always there for His children. I love how Our Lord explains everything to us even using our surroundings. He teaches me many things when Iím gardening and I am in awe of His beautiful
creation. I never really took notice of the intricate details of flowers before and now I am amazed at all the variety.Our Lord loves uniqueness. In Christ , Pamela 🌸🌷🌺🌻

Prune Soleiado:
Yes, God made me discover the Fibonacci sequence last year! Amazing! How wonderful is Our Heavenly Father!
Do you know about this sequence?
Hereís a link on youtube, really interesting:


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