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Author Topic: Wow!  (Read 2636 times)

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« on: August 23, 2006, 10:37:03 AM »

Dear Mr. Smith,

I was looking on the net for some infos on tithing as it is the
subject of a whole month of predications/sermons, and after reading a
lot of different opinions, I found your work to be the most balanced
and documented presentation. It reinforced the idea I already had with
a For that many thanks.

Now, I then thought I'd have a look at the other themes you engage
with and then... my God, at first my heart went faster: the trinity,
Hell and life after death, the nature of the church...


We're flirting with heresy here.

So what, after all I wanted to gear up my l ife with Christ and it
already started a few weeks ago. I mean I was never fully satisfied
with the explanations of the acceptable doctrines of the "church" and
exposing my faith to different (even opposing) statements was a good
test for me. It just opened so much my reflection on the life in
Christ and the meaning of his word. Many of the things you say I was
aware of it for years and did acknowledge some of them but, just the
way you articulate your views makes it all come together in my mind.
This is all extremely challenging and profound, and I'm still
discussing with my wife and my father who did learn Hebrew and ancient
Greek to in turn challenge your exposť of the situation and see how it
stand its ground. I find it extremely exiting and energizing. All a
sudden, I read the Bible day and night, looking different translations
in English, but also in French (which is my native language, so
indulge my English), finding me aning that NOW makes a lot MORE sense,
and this is soooo positive for me and my family.

Whether or not what you affirm is all or partly true, for challenging
my faith in Christ which will help me grow: THANKS A BILLION, GOD

What I find extremely helping and responsible on your behalf is the
posting of others emails reactions (especially the criticisms) along
with your responses. It is so revealing of one's heart and give
everyone the possibility of reading pertinent arguments when they

Anyways, thanks again and may God bless you and your family.

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