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Hello everyone, from CO.

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--- Quote from: indianabob on February 22, 2019, 09:52:46 PM ---Hi again Casey,

Sounds like you have a lot to share.
My life was similar and I was in WCG from 1969 to 1999, easing out for about five years until I finally heard about L. Ray. Attended the conference in 2006 I think and met Ray and dropped WCG completely.
I will leave it there unless someone has specific questions.
Great to learn all about you.
Thanks much, Indianabob

--- End quote ---

I too was a member of WCG for many years, but finally had enough in 1995 and left. joined some of the offshoots, but they had much the same teachings and internal squabbles. When I found Ray Smith on this forum and read his works, it helped me understand more of the truth. Grateful for that.  :)

Interesting so many from WCG continue to look for truth in God's word. I find just the opposite with many who leave the JW'S religion. I suppose I'm one of a small minority from what I've discovered.

I think the reason is because of the belief,  from extreme brainwashing, (indoctrination) that this is the only true religion on the earth today. Being convinced,  if you leave, there is no where else to go, truly has a deep and lasting effect on the majority who leave. They either stop believing in God altogether, just to cope, or go into Babylonian Churches, abandoning all former beliefs. Some return to the religion for fear of dying at Armageddon, which they're taught is the end of life forever.

The  shunning aspect leaving has on a persons life, is overwhelming too. loosing all friends and family has kept many from leaving and some to return as well. The God of love is a total mystery and contradiction to this religion.


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