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Hello All! Pleasure to meet you!

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Hi all.   I wanted to introduce myself and say hello.  I came to know Ray’s teachings and his site back in 2005 I believe when doing a search on Hell.  I remember the weight that was lifted when I found the site and began reading through his papers like a hungry child drinking a bottle of delicious milk.  For whatever reason, I was pulled away and began following the teachings of  man by the name of Mike Vinson.  So much so that I eventually moved down to Georgia to be closer to him and his ministry.  For a number of years I stopped reading Ray’s work as Mike and Ray had some sort of disagreement.  I was later kicked out of Mike’s ministry because of a disagreement on scripture.  I then moved back to NY and found myself back on bible-truths.com reading through the site, but with more spiritually mature eyes. Sadly Ray passed away soon after that fiery trial and I never got to meet or even speak with him.  Something that I deeply regret .   Whoever is behind the scenes keeping the site, forums and youtube channel alive, I thank you!  It has been such an amazing blessing to me. 

Hi Ralph,

Nice to meet you too and welcome to the forum.

Thanks Rene!  Nice to meet you as well!

Rhys 🕊:
Nice to meet you and read your story.

Rhys 🙂

Hello Rhys!  Nice to meet you bro!


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