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Hello from Colombia

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Diana D:
Hi all ;D
My name is Diana Diaz and I am from Bogotá, Colombia, South America. I am learning English but I did not want to wait any longer to greet them all, (this message I am writing with the help of Google translate, in case it sounds very robotic). I'm in the forum a few months ago and reading all of Ray's papers, since October of last year, after many years in Christendom, I am learning the true plan of God for humanity, it is an amazing but also difficult path.
I send a hug to all the members, the moderators and the guests of the forum.
Many blessings :D

Dennis Vogel:
Welcome Diana - What a nice story

Welcome Diana D  Good to hear from you!


Nelson Boils:
Welcome Diana,

Wow! Thank the Lord for Google translate.

Welcome Diana, Glad you are with us.


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