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Miracle In My Life

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Words to describe an event so powerful,  that it positively changes the lives of everyone involved,  can only be a miracle from God.

I've asked my sister, who is my last living sibling if I could share this wonderful news with my BT family here and she gave me her permission.

My sister has had a very serious alcohol addiction for almost 30 years. I won't go into the details of the pain she, and all who love her have endured over this long span of time, because it was necessary in God's plan for all involved.  What's most important here,  is that God has, in his perfect timing mercifully taken away her desire to drink.  It happened a little over two months ago now, that she woke up one morning and the desire to drink had completely left her and has not returned for even a second.  She bought a bottle a week or so after she lost the desire, just in case, but has never opened it or wanted to. I can't help but tear up as I type these words. Words I thought I would never have an opportunity to share.

I never gave up hope or stopped praying for this to happen, but even so, there are moments it's hard to believe something so miraculous has actually happened. I've missed my sister for many years, even though she's been in my life, it was as though  I was always grieving the loss of her. It was even harder after all my other siblings were gone. Now God has given her back to me, and something like that is worth testifying about. 

I hope by sharing this it encourages others to never stop hoping and praying for miracles in your own lives.

From God with love

PRAISE GOD!!!!!  What a Mighty God we Serve.

Our God is So AWESOME. So glad for your sister and your family Wanda and all praise and
Glory to our Lord .

In Christ

Sending love to all brothers and sisters at BT.❤️

So happy for you Wanda and for your sister; it's wonderful to hear some encouraging news for a change; may God continue to bless her with strength as she continues on this road to abstinence.


I so grateful God has blessed you and your family in this way. 


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