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Shawn Fainn:
Hello all

I used to be a member of the forum previously starting around 2007 (after leaving my church) and God directing me to Ray's materials. After unlearning a lot of what the 'church' taught me since childhood, i began to question pretty much everything else i'd been taught. I think went down every possible conspiracy or prophecy related rabbit-hole possible, but now (over 12 years later) find myself returning back to the basics and focusing on Scriptures.

It's interesting to look back and see God's hand in all of this.. Anyway, i look forward to discussions with you guys again!

In love,


Good timing, 2020 starting out to be very interesting.
welcome back

Shawn Fainn:
Yes indeed. So many things happening..

Thank you!

To quote Ray,,,, “ If I didn’t believe it. I wouldn’t believe it.😄

Hi Shawn. Nice to meet you.


Hi Shawn, welcome back.


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