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I have had numerous health issues my whole life, and just recently developed prostate cancer. However, I have found something that works in eradicating this disease. It's the subject of a book entitled, "The One-Minute Cure" (subtitle: The secret to healing virtually all diseases) by Madison Cavanaugh, and can be found on Amazon. The product is 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, and I have bought my supply at purehealthdiscounts.com. I have 4 gallons in storage in my refrigerator. This is NOT the hydrogen peroxide you buy at a drug store. That is only 3% hydrogen peroxide, and may have other ingredients. The 35% stuff is powerful. It will burn your skin (temporarily) if you get a drop on your finger, but just hold it under running water for 10-15 seconds and rub it away.

However, I am in a tricky situation. I have to keep taking a medicine, testosterone, for daily strength and energy. The side effect of long term use of THAT medicine can be (and is for me) prostate cancer. But, the hydrogen peroxide keeps the cancer in check, praise the Lord. I put 12 drops in half a glass of distilled water (it must be distilled water and not tap or spring water because of the chloride in them, which could be toxic), and drink it down before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It kinda tastes like swallowing a bit of pool water, but then I have a meal right afterwards. I don't know how long I will remain at this dose, but it works, for those who are interested.


I forgot to mention this stuff must be taken on an empty stomach 2-3 hours AFTER any food because it can interact with food in the digestive system. However, I can eat my meals right after taking this product in the distilled water. Better than chemo, radiation, or surgery!

Hi Dean,

This is one of several old applications of h2o2 that has been used since at least 1950.
I am not aware of any clinical studies about the effectiveness.
How do you know that it works for you in your personal situation?
Do your symptoms abate or have you had medical tests to confirm your evaluation?

Just curious my friend.  Bob

Dennis Vogel:
As you most likely know, Ray had cancer and he use to say "cancer loves sugar." So he cut out ALL sugar and almost all carbohydrates from his diet.


I had intense burning to the point of almost not being able to sit down, and the feeling is almost gone.



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