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Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ. I have longed for the time that I could return to this BT forum... NOW I finally can! I joined in 2007 and spent a few years at BT, and it changed my life forever, and for the better; till I had to focus on my university studies. Then I joined again in 2015 for only a short while, before having to move away from my city (in West Texas) to focus on my new work/job and where I drive 4 hrs daily to work and back... .  Now, finally/hopefully, I can stay here forever, my home away from home, lol, where I love it!!  I got the job of my dreams, working with veterans (I am a MH Addiction Therapist to vets), now I am looking for a closer job, but still working with military veterans (as I am a war veteran myself.)  I see several familiar names, so I am thrilled that all of you are still here and still growing strong in the truth of Gods' Word. THIS place gives me so much comfort.  I live for truth, no matter how good, bad or indifferent it is, I love truth!  The fellowship of sharing these biblical truths found here at BT's is what I have been missing, as the rest of the world does not understand what we understand here!  I have also been single for 7 years, and I find it difficult to find any man, a real man of God, whom believes in these truths found here and whom are sincerely living out these truths found only here. :)  God is so good. Blessings to all of you.

Dennis Vogel:
Welcome back! Happens more than you would think - Someone leaves and comes back in a few years or many years later.

Thanks for sharing some of your story with us and welcome back. :)

Thank you both for the welcome back. I wish there were more face t face groups that we could fellowship more often...

Hi Susan
Nice to meet you and welcome back. I have enjoyed reading your former posts on the forum.

I believe a few people here are conversing on Zoom .

In Christ


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