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A newcomer (for the third time) I used to be HEBREWROOTS

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Rhys 🕊:
Hi Susan, thanks for sharing 😃


Hello Joel, I remember u as well, from years ago.  So happy that you have long-suffered over these many years to stay on BT. It shows your priorities and love for truth and fellowship. All of you longsufferers are an encouragement to me and for those coming to this website, and to those already here...  THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO HERE ;D

Dave in Tenn:

--- Quote from: loveroftruth on May 26, 2020, 01:33:23 PM ---Hello Dave. :)  I remember you from years ago when I was HEBREWROOTS98... have you been faithfully on here ever since then?  If so, I AM SO AMAZED! :o

--- End quote ---

Maybe I'm too stubborn to leave.  :)  Sometimes, I'll confess, it's just been inertia.  I have learned some very valuable things and had some very valuable experiences being here in relative safety.  As Ray said, we don't REALLY begin to learn the deep things of God until we start to OBEY.  This fellowship--even in it's supposedly quieter and duller periods--continues to challenge. as well as welcome.     

Good Morning Dave, THANK YOU AS WELL for being a huge support to this website forum!  I thank God for you all that are the leaders of this place. What a blessing HE will bestow upon you for continuing to serve everyone here!  You shall surely be rewarded later on  :D,,, no matter if you did it out of 'inertia' or not, YOU STILL KEPT THIS BT FORUM UP AND RUNNING... YOU NEVER KNOW WHOM OR HOW MANU YOU ARE PLANTING THE SEED WITH ;D ;D 

Very true... there are SO MANY valuable things in this safe place. I like that about what Ray said about Obeying... thanks for the reminder. I agree, the challenge of the fellowship is real, but so worth it...

have a blessed day

Has anyone had any trouble watching some of Ray's videod ? A couple of them I tried to watch said :this video no longer available " so n0t sure if it's my computer or everyone s.

God bless all


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