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Dennis Vogel:

--- Quote from: Wendy on August 20, 2021, 10:27:25 PM ---Has anyone had any trouble watching some of Ray's videod ? A couple of them I tried to watch said :this video no longer available " so n0t sure if it's my computer or everyone s.

God bless all

--- End quote ---

Are you trying to watch from the links on this forum or YouTube videos?

Both utube and the forum . I can see some videos but others I cant.


Dennis Vogel:
Some videos on this forum may have been replaced/updated on YouTube. I try to keep up but may have missed updating the link here.

The only way a YouTube video will not work is if you have saved/bookmarked an old link where the video has been updated and the old link has been made inactive.

Tell me which YouTube videos are not working for you.

I really don't remember which ones they were I was just picking random ones

Dennis Vogel:
We just upgraded the forum software and perhaps you were trying when we were in the middle of it? Else please let me know the next time it happens.


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