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A newcomer (for the third time) I used to be HEBREWROOTS

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Hello Pamela (Musterseed.  I like the name,  :) ).  Thank you for the welcome. I am glad that you liked my prior posts from about 13 years ago; I had much more time back then, and sister, did I ever eat up all that L. Ray had written. I copied it all off, read it, shared it with a couple of like-minded believers locally (and everyone else that would listen), and then the forum was amazing for my first time being on a forum... (and probably only  time till now  ;D), I am kinda sad however, that all of those others that used to be on BT (like Arcturus, Joe, Gina, Kat and others are no longer on the forum), but then again, I understand, as it's all in God's timing that we are here. I am just glad that HE gave me a new sister  and new brothers here, that I did not know that I had (a holy kiss :-*). I am so thankful to see those longsufferers like Craig, Joel, Rene, Indianabob, and others that are still here.  YOu all know what is PRIORITY don't you?  I have had to learn the hard way that this really is my priority, my truth, my family, my discernment, my comfort, and my hope, so I hope I never leave it again. 


Once ai get a chance, perhaps I will see you all on Zoom... 8)

Dave in Tenn:
Good to see you Susan.

Hello Dave. :)  I remember you from years ago when I was HEBREWROOTS98... have you been faithfully on here ever since then?  If so, I AM SO AMAZED! :o

Welcome back Susan!



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