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Anyone here from the UK?

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I have been on and off this site for years.  First discovered it in 2004.  I come back to read the topics now and again and go back over the emails that Ray wrote.  I think my last post was a few years ago.

Anyway, is anyone here from the UK?  Specifically, the Kent area?  In the last 16 or so years, I always knew it would be unlikely for me to meet anyone who believed this in the same way, although I always hoped someone might be open, although really, no one was.  I tend to keep the subject of God very close to my chest at any rate.

Anyway, let me know, it would be nice to make a local friend.

Hi Zander. No I am not from the UK, but I do LOVE that accent, lol... (that has always been my go-to language when having fun... ;D).  I can definitely relate... I  too, have come and gone to BT over the last decade and a half... I too am the only one that I know of in my area that believes this way; and I too have hold these awesome truths dear to my heart and would love to be able to share with like-minded believers as well...  Ask HIM for that person for you to fellowship and see what HE says...  :)... I'm doing the same...

In the meanwhile, I heard that there is a live video each Sunday that a few brothers and sisters from BT use to stream to get to know one another from across the world, they are currently coming from the USA and Europe... (I forget which post it is on... but you can either try to find it of ask our moderators...just a thought. :D  I have not been able to access it yet tho...)

I am here in West Texas, longing for the same   :)... Have a wonderful day and blessings my brother...

See Rocco's post dated May 6, 2020 about the site used for livestreaming... :)

They are using Zoom...

Hi Susan,
OK thanks.
I realise I am on my own with quite a lot of things.  I have friends and some of them are skeptical of this coronavirus hoax but outside of them, I haven't yet met anyone who thinks it is all a load of rubbish.  My work colleagues and everyone I meet around work have all fallen for it.  Those wearing masks on public transport have fallen for it.

I have realised that the general public are not only blind to God, they are blind to a lot of other things.

Again, if anyone reading this is from or near Kent, let me know, I would love to meet you.  :)


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