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Iíve had a reoccurring dream the last month or so. Itís strange because Iíve never had a reoccurring dream before. Itís only been twice but itís progressed.

Dream is basically a car with water in it. First dream was maybe a month ago. I walked up to a car, opened the door and water poured out. Wasnít completely full of water just enough to spill out as the door opened so maybe 6 inches or so. I remember the dream was stressful.

Last night I dreamed the car was mostly full almost completely full. I think I had a lot of belongings in the car as well, as if I was moving and had the car filled with personal Ďstuffí I guess.. again was a stressful sleep last night.

Anyone care to comment Iíd like to hear.


Dennis Vogel:
My recurring dream for the last half-century is I cannot find my parked car and I'm in a dangerous location, usually in Detroit where I grew up.

Mine is of an elephant that shrinks smaller and smaller until itís a mouse.🤷‍♀️

Lareli, maybe you found Dennisís car.😁

The only thing that comes to mind is a deluge of water upon opening a door.
Maybe a flood of the Holy Spirit. A little water and then more. Or. The many
and the few. Iím just guessing.😁 We know what opening a door means.

In Christ

Rhys 🕊:
I feel that God moves us on in life in spite of what is going on as that is what I have experienced. We first have a taste of what is to come and then it requires more of us. You may feel like you are  drowning and surrounded by the things in life that are more important to us.


Hi lareli
Water tends to symbolise our emotions.  That is quite broad I know.  Your personal belongings would indicate something personal to you might be bothering you emotionally, even in your subconscious and your dreams are an expression of this. 

I sometimes had stressful dreams in the past, even though I had no or very little stress in my real life at the time.  That doesn't mean your subconscious doesn't hold stress however. 

I have had premonitions in my dreams before on several occasions.  In other words, I dream of something and it happens the next day. Nothing that happens was planned beforehand.  Just a random occurrence. They can be quite spooky


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