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Just wondering which brethren are single on our forum?


Hello. Just wanting to fellowship with like-minded brothers on our forum... MEMBERS... as it is tough to want to befriend males that have no inkling on the way that we at BT live out our lives, or the way we believe, and the things that are priority for us... ;D...


I am a middle-aged, woman, I have an MSW degree and work as a Mental Health Addiction Therapist with veterans, have as 21 yr old son whom is married, I am a combat veteran-was a combat medic/nurse/surgical tech in the Army, I was married for many years and have a biblical reason for divorcing, I am serious about Bible Truths and find it difficult to fully trust men whom are without these beliefs found here... thus I really do not 'date', rather I just let it be known that I am looking for a friend in them when I get asked out, I tell them that I just want to get to know them. I do have also have a seminary/Theology degree. .. I LOVE the study of God ; and D I am a loyal friend and was an extremely loyal spouse,. I am a private person as well. :)



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