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Let's just say that anarchy is coming to America. Let's just say that we are closer to tribulation than we may have thought.  Do you defend yourself ? Do you protect your family with force if the police aren't coming to help you ? They are pounding down the door.  They carjacked you on the street.  What would You do? And why ?

Good questions, I've been thinking about this for months. I spend a lot of time in Oakland, San Francisco and even my hometown of Sacramento is really becoming lawless. I drove to my oldest son's house in southern California for the 4th of July weekend and debated in my mind about bringing my handgun knowing I would have to drive through LA. I decided not to bring it and was reminded just today that Unless the Lord builds the house or guards the city anything we do is in vain. I tried to find the quote from Ray when he was responding to a critical question about using force to defend yourself home or family but I couldn't find it. If I remember correctly he said that these are rare and unexpected events that the Lord will give us the wisdom and strength we need in the moment.
 I just opened an email from my father in law who lives in a small town just north of San Antonio, TX. He served two tours in Vietnam and has never shown any interest in guns and as far as I know never kept any in his home. This is the last paragraph of the email

When I was a kid, teenager, had a shot gun, hunted rabbits at the house on the edge of town. Almost shot Jim in the Leg. After the military, I had no interest in hunting or killing anything, and have never had any interest in a firearm. But, I have been confronted twice in parking lots by Leftist about being pro-life and wearing a Vets for Trump T-shirt. I welcome a debate, but all they do is scream, yell epithets, FU.. With the Communist/Marxist/Progressives becoming more violent in the street, Our little town has a contingency plan to counter rioting, burning, and looting, volunteers will probably be needed to support the small police department, it is probably time now to lock and load. This is the USA? This not about Trump, Blacks, this is desire to turn the country into Venezuela, Cuba...

Love to all,


Sounds like he has had a change of attitude. Thanks Octoberose for bringing this up. I'm really interested in what BT folks have to say


I donít know if I read it or heard Ray say it. But I do remember him mentioning something on more than one occasion. I do remember him talking about Mat 5:39 
But I say to you, do not resist evil. But whoever shall strike you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also.

Ray said something to the effect that Jesus said if someone strikes YOU, but did not mention if someone strikes a loved one. Not that he meant it was necessarily an implication, but there are grey areas precise to the moment. Also, I believe he expressed how we can never truly predict how we will act until a situation arises. And he cited Peterís actions as a prime example.
I know this is far from a cut-and-dried answer, and If I am not remembering this accurately, someone please correct me.


My nephew is a police Sargent in a large county outside of Baltimore. He said his department no longer has their backs. They respond slower and over look certain crimes only intervening when necessary. Concerned about losing ammunity and having law suites served against police. Some cities are now investigating the police during the riots. In Virginia the state legislature is considering making assault of police as a misdomener. Politicians are defunding police department budgets. It sure looks as if the anarchy is winning.

Mike, that is what I remembered Ray saying as well. After I read that sold my gun and even in these times have no plans on buying a gun. Comfortable with leaving in Godís hands. Not going to do but there are non lethal ways to help protect such as pepper spray gun.

Are we in the beginning of the end of this age? Not sure but things have changed so rapidly it is breathtaking. Remember the days even when in my 20ís that did not lock my door all the time.


If it's the Lord's will, move away from any population centers and either into the "sticks", or into a community that has a strong police presence. I have noticed an increase in patrols in my small town subdivision, and am grateful.


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