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Dennis Vogel:
1:AM and just checked on hurricane Sally and now they say it's eye will pass right over my house Wednesday AM with sustained winds about 90 MPH and wind gusts 20-30 MPH greater.

Everyone's prayers will be much appreciated.

Done, amen.  :)

Glad there is a warning for this storm as I've lived through one without warning.  Praying that God protects you Dennis from harm.

May God bless and keep you safe through the storm Dennis.

In Christ

Dennis Vogel:
Thank you for your prayers everyone.

It's looking a lot better. Sally should make a right turn just when she enters Mobile Bay which will make things a lot easier here.

Last night the projected landfall wind speed was 105 MPH which would mean 125 MPH gusts that would have downed many trees. Now it's down to a 85 MPH landfall.

It's pretty windy now with rain and I except the power will go out sometime before tomorrow morning. But I'm prepared and use to power outages.


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